Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The End of the Growing Season

All the vegetables today are local except the squash and garlic and this marks the end of New Jersey’s growing season. In future weeks, we will be getting some local root veggies that Karley, our grower, is storing, otherwise all of the produce will be coming at least as far as from Pennsylvania. Karley and I agreed today that it has worked out well for us and we will be working together again next year.

Milk Feedback Wanted!
I’d like to either get more people purchasing milk or stop carrying it. I’ve noticed we have been selling less milk and it goes out of date and I have to take a loss because of it. I know some of you have bought outdated cartons, and I know it’s annoying when you get home to find you have old milk. I am, myself avoiding milk because it’s not good for older women to drink. This, however, is particularly good milk, being from grass fed cows and locally farmed in PA. I like the flavor of it the most. If you have a wish for me to continue getting the milk, what type and any other comments about it, please email me. 

Local Christmas Trees
One of our members has a tree farm! For a local, fresh cut Christmas tree go to the Small Wonder Tree Farm. Located at 170 Sunset Rd, Pompton Plains, NJ. Open weekends only - 9:30 till dark. They have Norway spruce, balsam, spruce, blue spruce, Douglas fir, Fraser fir and Concolor spruce - All sizes and shapes. Talk to Bob Crescitelli for directions and details.
Enjoy! Marnie

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