Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stop Plan for Monsanto & Biotech Industry to Police Itself!

Genetically modified organisms, planted on 165 millions acres of US farmland, have increased the use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, destroyed soil fertility and carbon-sequestering capacity, spawned super-weeds, contaminated organic & non-GMO crops, and are less nutritious and more likely to trigger allergies, in general making plants, animals and human beings weaker and disease-prone. GMO corn for ethanol has decreased grain supplies, raised food prices, and increased world hunger; while generating the same greenhouse gas pollution as conventional gasoline. Genetically engineered trees, fish, and farm animals pose similar hazards to human and environmental health.
The Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has aided Monsanto and the biotech lobby by failing to accurately assess the impacts of GMOs, as they have failed to properly assess the monumental damage of chemical agriculture. APHIS, using the excuse of efficiency and cutting costs, wants to turn over the job of conducting assessments to biotech companies like Monsanto that have vested interests in deregulation.
This is a very dangerous game to play. Tell APHIS to halt their pilot program and instead put their resources towards more vigorous review of the potential harms of GMO crops and animals.
Enjoy! Marnie