Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Great Classes

This Thursday! - Food Prep Class: 
Raw Foods Dairy Substitution
Thursday September 30th from 12 to 2 pm
At the workshop we will learn why dairy posses many dangers to your health and how you can begin to substitute it with dairy-free versions. Chef Zoe will demonstrate how to make the following:
*Almond Mylk      *Mayonaise      *Ice Cream
We are introducing Zoe, a raw foods chef and founder of RAWbundant, an organic and raw line of foods, ingredients and specialty equipment. Zoe is dedicated to helping people live their best lives through learning about healthy nutrition and the advantages of a high raw diet. There are many wonderful videos and tips on health and nutrition that you may find useful on her blog at: http://zoevblog.com/. Samples of RAWbundant's signature dishes will be available after the workshop.
Each class is $25 individually, or a four class package is $75.
Find out about the individual classes and sign up through the Events Calendar or contact Marnie at FruitLady@MountainLakesOrganic.com and 973-335-4469.
Save the Date - Global Work Party! 
Rainbarrels & Composters
The Date is 10/10/10. This doesn't happen often! Make the day special and get out to do something for your planet. Wanda Knapik and Marnie Vyff are joining forces to show you the first steps in making your garden sustainable. We will learn how to make rain-barrels and composters for your gardens. We will talk about why these two items are essential to every environmentally friendly backyard and discuss "green" gardening techniques. 
For more information www.mountainlakesorganic.com/Calendar.html contact Marnie at FruitLady@MountainLakesOrganic.com or 973-335-4469.   
Enjoy! Marnie

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