Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Holiday Season

I hope you all had a tremendous feast for Thanksgiving. Once again, the holiday season is in full force with the decorations up, sales in the stores, and cookies in the oven. You can make your holiday a little healthier by buying a locally grown Christmas tree, learning how to juice, and sticking to raw organic fruits and vegetables - at least when you’re not at a party - or introduce them in your pot luck!
There was a lot of confusion over the Thanksgiving week off. Please, everyone watch the calendar for holidays with the Co-op: www.mountainlakesorganic.com/Calendar.html . We will have the last week of the year off too. We follow the Mtn Lakes school holiday schedule.
The Benefits of Juicing - Food Prep Class
This Thursday, Dec. 2nd - 12-2 PM
At The Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op
Juicing is one of the most effective ways to get vitamins and minerals into your body. Freshly extracted juices are far superior in nutrient content than store-bough pasteurized juices. They are also very healing and can be used to treat many health problems or to implemented as a cleanse from toxins in the body. In this class you will learn why juicing should become an essential part of your daily routine. Chef Zoe will demonstrate recipes for three juices - green juice, fruit juice and therapeutic roots juice. She will provide tips on how to pick, store and maximize the use of product in juicing.
Each class is $25 individually, or a four class package is $75.
For more info and to sign up visit the Events Calendar at www.mountainlakesorganic.com/Calendar.html .
Local Christmas Trees
One of our members has a tree farm! For a local, fresh cut Christmas tree go to the Small Wonder Tree Farm. Located at 170 Sunset Rd, Pompton Plains, NJ. Open weekends only - 9:30 till dark. They have Norway spruce, balsam, spruce, blue spruce, Douglas fir, Fraser fir and Concolor spruce - All sizes and shapes. Talk to Bob Crescitelli for directions and details
Enjoy! Marnie

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